Yinan Max Wang

Photographer, film director,

Studied at university of British Columbia.
London College of Fashion. Mentored by Mr.
Alex Webb of Magnum Photos.

2006 Chief Director Assistant of
     China Central Television 2007
     Spring Festival Gala.

2007 Published book Tian Da De Xiao Shi

2008 Published book Shu Shi Wu Du

2009 Received letter from
     Her Majesty the Queen,
     regarding the suggestion of
     "Paralympic First" for
     2012 Summer Olympics

2011 Published the new edition of
     Tian Da De Xiao Shi

2012 Published book Fu Sheng Ruo Meng

2013 Published photography book
     The Parameters of Happiness

2015 Published photography book
     Journey Through the Century

2017 Direct & Co-Producing documentary film
     Being Towards Death

Curriculum Vitae

Download C.V by clicking this link here.


2018 June - "Being Towards Death"
     Film Screening
     Shanghai International
     Film Festival, China.

2017 December - "Being Towards Death"
     Film Screening
     Golden Panda International
     Film Festival, Canada.

2017 May - "Being Towards Death"
     Film Screening
     Beijing Danxiang bookstore,

2017 April - "Being Towards Death"
     Film Screening
     Beijing International Film
     Festival, China.

2013 February - "Human Flows"
     Group Exhibition, University
     of Cambridge, UK.

2011 June - Group Exhibition
     Look3 photography festival,
     Charlottesville, USA.

2009 February - Solo Exhibit
     Selected works from book
     Shu Shi Wu Du (Ignorable),
     Peking University, China.

2007 January - Solo Exhibit
     Selected works from book
     Tian Da De Xiao Shi,
     Beijing Foreign Bookstore,


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师从于马格南图片社 ALEX WEBB

2006 任央视春节联欢晚会总导演助理

2007 出版《天大的小事》,获人民日报

2008 出版 《熟视无睹

2009 “残奥先行”受英女王回复

2011 发行新版《天大的小事》 获评

2012 出版环加拿大游记 《浮生若梦

2013 出版摄影画册 《幸福参数

2015 出版摄影画册 《世纪心录

2017 导演、联合出品纪录片电影 《向死而生